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6 Tips For Enjoying The Summer When You're Pregnant

There are some positives about being pregnant during the summer, like showing off your bump at the beach or heading off on a ‘babymoon’ before your baby is born. However, having given birth to my first baby during an August heatwave, I definitely understand that there are some downsides as well! Here are my top tips for enjoying the summer whilst pregnant, I hope you find them useful.

Hands making a heart shape in front of the sun

1. Cool down those feet

When you’re pregnant, your feet can become swollen more easily anyway, but I found this was especially bad during a heatwave. Cooling down your feet can help you to feel cooler overall, so try relaxing with your feet in a nice cold bowl of water and see if you can spot the difference! Alternatively, there are lots of cooling products available for you to massage into your feet, like this from Temple Spa (which was my absolute favourite during my summer pregnancy!).

2. Stay out of the sun

Did you know that many women sweat more during pregnancy? Staying out of the sun can help with this (because no one wants that sweaty under bump/boob feeling!). Bonus tip – putting talcum powder on areas like this where you are likely to sweat can help to keep you feeling dryer for longer.

3. Wear loose, light clothing

I know finding loose clothing can be a challenge when you are pregnant! But if you can find it, looser clothing can help you to feel cooler on a hot day. You could also try to choose lighter coloured clothes, which absorb less heat than dark coloured clothing.

4. Take walks in the evening

Taking a walk after the heat of the day has eased somewhat can be a great way to get some fresh air and cool down before bed. It can also help you to relax, which is always a good thing in pregnancy! You could take your partner with you and make the most of some alone time together before your baby arrives.

5. Swim

Swimming has so many benefits when you’re pregnant, especially that wonderful weightless feeling which can be such a treat in the second and third trimesters. Also, getting into a swimming pool on a hot day can have a lovely cooling effect, and is a great way to take some gentle exercise without having to be outside in the heat.

6. Ice cream

Because if you can’t have as much ice cream as you want when you’re pregnant, when can you!

A bowl of ice cream with fruit

Do you have any tips of your own? You can share them by commenting below.

Enjoy your summer pregnancy!

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