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Can I Use Hypnobirthing If I Have A Caesarean?

April is Caesarean awareness month, so it seemed like the perfect time to answer this common question about hypnobirthing. Can you use hypnobirthing techniques if you have a Caesarean birth?

The short answer is, yes! It is a common myth that hypnobirthing can only be used for ‘natural’ births. The information and techniques which you learn on a hypnobirthing course can benefit you no matter how you birth your baby. Whether your Caesarean is planned or unplanned, it is still possible for you to feel positive about your baby’s birth.

Much of the positive preparation on a standard hypnobirthing course can be applied to Caesarean births too. For example, breathing techniques to help you remain calm would definitely be useful during the procedure. Positive affirmations can support you with preparing your mindset for birth, and if you are planning a Caesarean birth you could use Caesarean-specific affirmations (one of the resources available to you when you book my hypnobirthing course).

It is important not to forget about your birth partner too! A hypnobirthing course can help them to feel more confident about what will happen and what role you want them to take in it. This includes during a Caesarean birth too: whether it is your plan A or not, it is useful to have had the discussion with your birth partner about how you would want to be supported.

All my hypnobirthing courses are bespoke, and I do have specific resources available to assist you if you are planning to have a Caesarean birth. If you would like my support to prepare you and your birth partner for a positive Caesarean birth, get in touch so that we can discuss your requirements.

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